Ritualcravt is home to some of Colorado’s most intuitive and experienced readers. We work as a collective with the energies of astrology, tarot, herbs, moon cycles, and shamanic practices, to bring you information, guidance, and connection to spirit.

Please call the shop to book appointments 303-458-1459.

All reader appointments are prepaid at the time of booking. Reading fees are non-refundable, but we will reschedule appointments with 48 hours notice. You may also call or walk-in the day of, we take walk-ins as time allows.

Our reader schedule is currently available on our Facebook page: here; alternatively, you may call to inquire.



Leah Samuels

Leah Samuels is the creator of Moonlight Offerings. An astrology reading with Leah is an exploration of your birth chart, a map depicting the location of the planets at the moment of your birth. Leah has an innate ability to access the ancient language of astrology and apply this knowledge to your everyday life.

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Sterling Moon

If you are looking for some down-to-earth divination with a side of compassion and dash of humor, Sterling Moon is the reader for you! Her philosophy is that we all get a little outside help sometimes and tarot is the tool she uses to tap into hidden knowledge that is available to us all.

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Rory Lula McMahan

Ritualcravt House Reader Rory Lula McMahan has always been captivated by the beauty of the soul.  An Intuitive Diviner, she has been a practicing Witch and Pagan priestess for more than 20 years, as well as being an initiated Ifa priest and trained shamanic practitioner.

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Samuel McCabe

After falling in love with the artwork of Tarot almost a decade ago, Samuel McCabe began a passionate journey of self-discovery and enchantment. He primarily reads Tarot de Marseille, incorporating the numerology, traditional meanings and hidden imagery embedded in each card.

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Andye Murphy

A gifted shaman, medium and intuitive, Andye Murphy walks with a foot in both worlds. As a child psychic, she quickly realized there was more to reality than what most people could see or touch. With a degree in psychology and a decade spent in corporate America, Andye admitted talking to angels and spirit guides was more fulfilling, and left the nine to five behind.

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Cooper Kaminsky

Cooper is an experienced artist and card reader, and believer of true magick. He is an intuitive empath, and will happily answer your burning questions with clarity, intention, and poetic synergy. Divination is the perfect way to assess the present so we can shape our future, and Cooper approaches the divinatory arts in a fun, conversational manner.

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Kristen Johnson

Kristen is the herbalist and creator of Moon Medicine, a women’s healing practice. She was drawn to the story tarot cards tell and they became her favorite form of divination. Kristen uses tarot as a way to communicate messages that provide clarity on our paths in life

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