Ritualcravt Hekate’s Garden Perfume. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab x Ritualcravt Hekate’s Garden exclusive Perfume. The second in our collection of perfume’s formulated and poured by BPAL.

Hekate’s Garden is a complex perfume inspired by Ritualcravt owner Missy Rhysing’s notable devotional garden filled with black flowering and black foliaged plants, rarities, and plants historically associated with the goddess Hekate. This oil is a nod to our first BPAL perfume Ritualcravt with a similar genderless, earthy, and addictive quality- but with a brighter, greener finish.

Notes of plants sacred to Her include: honeyed patchouli root, tobacco absolute, saffron crocus, teakwood, and burnt cypress. Highly recommended. Big gratitude to Beth at BPAL for her creativity and vision.

5ml amber apothecary bottle.

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