Bloodmilk Moonlight Fair, September 13, 2019. 5-9pm.


Join Bloodmilk and Ritualcravt September 13th for an evening of shopping, mingling, and magic. Vendors include:
Animal Handmade
Crystal Habitats
Curioscape Designs
DRAM Apothecary
Ghost Era Antiques
Handsome Devils Puppets
Moonflesh Embroideries
Moss Marchen
Poison Apple Print Shop
Sacred Thistle
Sandi Calistro
Sarai Nissan

Tarot Readings from the Denver Tarot Witch

In addition to selection of jewels available through Bloodmilk’s website, they will be bringing some One of a Kind rings and necklaces and pieces from their ‘yet-to-be-released’ Shadow Garden.
All Sacred Tattoo will also be doing Friday the 13th tattoos!