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Modern Tarot Series

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019

6:30pm – 8:00pm

2/5, 2/12, 2/19 & 2/26 6:30-8pm!

Tarot is a timeless tool for discovering the mysteries, magick, and authentic solutions to life’s deepest questions.  It is an oracle shrouded in symbolism, numerology, astrology, archetype and language, which can often make learning the cards for yourself a great undertaking!

Thankfully, this special 4-week intensive will give you ALL of the tools you need to know the cards inside out, and begin reading for yourself and others with clarity and compassion. As connected as you are with Tarot, Cooper teaches the cards through deep discussion and symbol guaranteed to help you learn as rapidly and effectively as possible. Since this is a modern tarot series, Cooper will also guide you through looking at both the Major and Minor Arcana through a modern lens- encouraging inclusive, diverse, queer friendly, and non denominational interpretations. The poetic synergy of Tarot is not limited to arcane definitions and textbook meanings, so Cooper welcomes all to dance in the creative magick and modern mysticism of this complete Tarot offering! All levels welcome!

Please bring a Tarot deck of your choice (no oracle or Lenormand decks). Decks are also available at RitualCravt for purchase during regular shop hours.

Instructor: Cooper Kaminsky is an experienced artist and intuitive empath and believer of true magick. He is an Eclectic Witch and reader at Ritualcravt, as well as a performer working in the spiritual, artistic, and human planes. He has studied traditional Jewish Kabbalah, esoterica, divination, and ritual work, giving him 10+ years knowledge in Judaic mysticism, Witchcraft, and Practical magick. A professional writer, actor, and musician, he believes that every artistic medium is a manifestation of true magick. His approach to magick is elevated and conversational, welcoming insight and transformation into everyday life paths. Cooper has a passion for good coffee, 60’s rock, Victoriana, and poetry. He welcomes you to dance in realms of creativity, energy, symbology, and transformation. You can connect with him via Instagram @cooperkaminsky.

Event Location

Ritual Cravt
Denver, CO, 80211

Event Fees

$ 160.00