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Honoring Insects Mini Series

Friday, Jan 11, 2019

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Two Part Class!

Honoring Insects I: Coleoptera (1/11) 6:30-8PM!

Are you curious about beetles and other insects? Join Jess Ellis of Curioscape Designs for a hands-on introduction to insects. This class will begin with a brief introduction to the history of collecting natural science specimens, as well as the importance these small creatures hold in the balance of our planet. Each attendee will be provided with the specimens, supplies, and guidance needed to pin 2 large beetle specimens. You will bring home a foam pinning board, two pinned beetles, and a shadow box to display your specimens. Also in attendance will be one of Jess’s own live pet insects. that you may interact with up-close and learn more about their biology and behavior. This class is an opportunity to learn more about the importance of these small creatures, which are often taken for granted. They all serve a purpose in our world and are deserving of our recognition and gratitude. Working with insects up close and, in a sense, bringing them back to life through pinning allows for a deeper understanding and appreciation of an often misunderstood group of organisms.

Honoring Insects II: Lepidoptera (1/18) 6:30-8PM!

This class will build upon Honoring Insects I class, and will continue with slightly more challenging butterfly and moth specimens. Each attendee will be provided with the specimens, supplies, and guidance needed to pin 2 large lepidoptera specimens. You will bring home a foam pinning board, 2 pinned lepidoptera specimens (1 moth and 1 butterfly), and a shadow box to display your specimens.

Supplies included in this series:

-Foam Pinning Board

-Insect Pins

-2 Different Beetles (responsibly sourced)

-1 Moth and 1 Butterfly (responsibly sourced)

-Black Shadow Box for Displaying Your Pinned Insects

-Educational Materials

Instructor: Jess Ellis is a Denver-based artist who creates small sculptures and jewelry using elements of nature. She finds inspiration in science, magic, and the natural world and explores themes of death, conservation, and the beauty of decay. The materials used in her artwork include insects, bones, moss, flowers, and crystals. She assembles these items into tiny environments called “Curioscapes”. They are inspired by the assemblages of natural curiosities found in the Wunderkammer, or Curiosity Cabinets of sixteenth century Europe. The artist’s choice of material reflects her desire to highlight the beauty of the darker side of life. Many of the specimens found in her Curioscapes are imperfect, with broken wings, missing limbs, or faded colors. The specimens used in these pieces, found already dead and sometimes in states of decay, are preserved and given new life as pieces of art. Her art serves as a ritual practice, each piece created with intention and love, and honoring the creatures that are preserved within. Jess holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and her love of insects has brought her back to school to study biology. She is a volunteer at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science where she has been trained in pinning, preserving, and identifying insects. She is passionate about conservation and educating others about insects and other living creatures that are vital to our ecosystem.

Event Location

Ritual Cravt
Denver, CO, 80211

Event Fees

$ 150.00