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Psychometry 101

Sunday, Jan 6, 2019

3:00pm – 4:30pm

If objects could speak, what would they say? Psychometry is the art of using psychic touch to understand the world around us. In this class, we will discover how to heighten our touch-sense to intuit information and feelings about people, natural objects, and things. We will cover everything from group empathy, to personal exercises so you can start sensing how things around us communicate on energetic planes. Learn how to read the language of crystals, buildings, photographs, and cherished objects- enhance your intuitive dialogue in the physical world!

**Different items will be provided for exercise, but bringing your own personal items for this psychometry class is highly encouraged.**

Instructor: Cooper Kaminsky is an experienced artist and intuitive empath and believer of true magick. He is an Eclectic Witch and reader at Ritualcravt, as well as a performer working in the spiritual, artistic, and human planes. He has studied traditional Jewish Kabbalah, esoterica, divination, and ritual work, giving him 10+ years knowledge in Judaic mysticism, Witchcraft, and Practical magick. A professional writer, actor, and musician, he believes that every artistic medium is a manifestation of true magick. His approach to magick is elevated and conversational, welcoming insight and transformation into everyday life paths. Cooper has a passion for good coffee, 60’s rock, Victoriana, and poetry. He welcomes you to dance in realms of creativity, energy, symbology, and transformation. You can connect with him via Instagram @cooperkaminsky.

Event Location

Ritual Cravt
Denver, CO, 80211

Event Fees

$ 30.00