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Connecting with Plant Spirits

Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Join Herbalist Raven Rose for an evening of learning to connect with plant spirits. We explore how to diet with plants, make living flower essences, and connect to the vibration of plants through sound. Learn how the spiritual essence of a plant is connected to how it acts in the physical body. We’ll also cover the ways any plant can aid us in emotional and spiritual healing, not just those known as “spirit medicines”. In class we will journey with a plant and explore it’s energetic offerings to us. You’ll also take home the flower essence of the plant that you connect with in our attunement. Bring a pillow and/or mat to relax on during the journey.

Instructor: Raven Rose is a womb health herbalist, 4th generation tarot reader, and medicine woman who shares the knowledge of her lineage and the lineage of her teachers. She studied herbalism, womb massage, and spiritual healing in the mountain west region of the US, the Yucatan, and the Peruvian Amazon. Her practice Moon Medicine draws on herbalism, ancestor work, and spiritual healing to address physical and emotional imbalances. For Raven, tarot is a tool she uses to connect with helpful ancestors and spirit guides to give you clarity on your path. Pulling from her Caribbean heritage, she helps you further tap into your guidance with herbal remedies. You’ll often find Raven teaching classes on plant spirits, dreamwork, herbal tarot, and womb wisdom.

Event Location

Ritual Cravt
Denver, CO, 80211

Event Fees

$ 50.00