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Day Time New Moon Ceremony

Sunday, Apr 7, 2019

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Join us in ceremony to sit in the field of possibility and work with the energy of the New Moon to co-create your future.  Well create a powerful shamanic container with songs, chants, drumming and the use of sweet guided meditations to support your intention setting and receptivity to the energies of the new moon.  Genie has been working recently with the Magdelena, Maria de la Rosa; its always wonderful to see how she shows up in these events.  Each ceremony will focus on the specific energy of the particular new moon that is present at the time of class.


Genie Hobbs is a shamanic practitioner, ceremonialist and psychotherapist here in Denver. She has studied for more than 18 years with The PowerPath in Santa Fe. Her shamanic experiences include deep personal work with indigenous healers from the Huichol, Qero and Shipibo traditions. She combines new thought with ancient indigenous wisdom to support a connection to your heart, inner wisdom, and personal power.  She is also a board member for the Society for Shamanic Practice.

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“Shamanism is the world’s most ancient spiritual practice ~ very individual, very action oriented and all about personal power. According to the Mayans, the future belongs to the marriage of indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge. Science and shamanism, the ancient understanding about nature and how the world is put together, are in the process of coming together for the good of everyone.”  ~ Jose and Lena Stevens, The Power Path School of Shamanism http://thepowerpath.com/

Event Location

Denver, Co, 80211

Event Fees

$ 20.00