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Understanding and Interpreting Dreams- The Teachings of Sueñadoros

Saturday, May 11, 2019

6:00pm – 8:00pm

In curandersimo, we believe our dreams are the doorway to another world. Once we walk through to the other side, there are unlimited possibilities. Dreams offer us creative ideas, messages from our guides and ancestors and even healing to unresolved issues. Each dream is like story filled with golden nuggets and precious gems just waiting for us to forge them into beautiful pieces to be used in our daily lives.

In these modern times we have lost touch with sitting with our elders and telling them our dreams. This was once a normal way of way of being and was how we were taught to understand the signs, symbols and sensations of our dreams without books or the internet, but by using our own inner guidance and the sacred teachings of those who listened to the details of our dreams. For many, the ability to retain dreams into the morning has been lost…but, it can be regained.

In this class I will teach you ways to connect with your Dream Maker and how to recognize what I refer to as dream “dream thieves”, the things in your environment that potentially keep you from retaining the many, many dreams you have throughout the night. You will also learn to take apart and piece back together your dreams as taught to me by my elders and my Maestra, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

For class, please bring a notebook and writing utensil.


Instructor: Lisa Martinez 

Lisa Martinez is a board-certified Doctor of Natural Medicine who walks the traditional healing and spiritual path of Curanderismo. This path can be described as a multifaceted blend of healing practices from the past and present that include indigenous folk medicine modalities from Mesoamerica to Africa and it strongly influenced by Spanish Spiritualism and Judaism. Her family roots are from Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado where curanderismo was and still is an enriching and common way of life. Lisa’s grandmothers were her biggest influences providing her a lifelong apprenticeship. These teachings lead to the development of sacred connections with plants, stones and spiritual practices that are used to help others in their journey to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Private sessions with Lisa are holistic and intuitive in nature and are personalized to include the body-mind-spirit connection in conjunction with the cosmic energies, ancestors, santos, angels, and guides. Her therapies and modalities utilize a variety of traditional techniques such as platica (heart to heart conversation), body work, sacred plants, aromatherapy, dream analysis and use of obsidian to encourage and engage the body’s innate healing response. Her practice also includes limpias (spiritual cleansings) and end of life transitions.

Lisa is a registered Psychotherapist with the State of Colorado. She is a student of La Maestra Clarissa Pinkola Estés and has attended many years of her trainings via the Archetypal and Cross Cultural Studies Institute. She is also a participant of The International Collaboration of Indigenous Healers, Curanderos, Sanadores y Shamans which originated in the sacred mountains of the Tepoztlan Valley in Mexico.

When able, Lisa supports clinical sites and community outreach operations in collaboration with others in the Denver Metro area providing culturally based services and education.

You can follow Lisa on Instagram @Itzpapalotl74

Event Location

Wheat Ridge, CO, 80033

Event Fees

$ 35.00