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Jewish Folk Magic Pt. 1, Introduction to Hebrew and Jewish Magic For Witches

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019

7:00pm – 9:00pm

The Aleph-Bet – the Hebrew Alphabet – is fundamental to Western magical systems, from Tarot, Kabbalah and Alchemy, to the practice of Goetia and Solomonic High Magic. The elegant system of 22 elegant symbols – each carrying a pictographic, symbolic, energetic, and mystical meaning – is said to contain all the mysteries of consciousness and creation. Join us for a journey into these ancient symbols and their mysteries, and learn:

    • How to identify, name and pronounce all 22 characters

    • Their pictographic and symbolic meanings

    • How to compose the characters correctly for your own work

    • Gematria – the numerological science of the Aleph Bet

    • The traditional and contemporary mystical and magical uses of the Aleph Bet both within and outside of the Jewish tradition

Instuctor-Brother  Moses is a cultural anthropologist, folklorist, spiritual minister and professional reader and conjure worker based in Colorado.
He has been steeped in his family’s old world folk magic traditions since childhood, and has spent decades studying the religion, spirituality, and magical practices of humans across time and civilizations while staying grounded in contemporary urban spiritual practice.
Working primarily in folk magical traditions which he terms the magic of pragmatism. Brother Moses approaches spiritual work from first principles and core metaphysics, examining magical techniques and technologies to distill essential frameworks and parameters for their operation. By comparing methods, paradigms, and approaches across cultures, he discovers often surprising unities and similarities in magical understanding and application across the world and the ages.
Concerned with plants and bones, spirits and folk saints, Psalms and prayers, lamps and candles, amulets and talismans, oils and incense, dolls, jars, bags, dirt, and the other magical tools of everyday life, his conjure is a concentrated blend of the proven traditions and practices of the ancestors who depended on them, and the spiritual and material sciences they observed and derived.
You can follow his work and connect with Brother Moses on Instagram @hoodoomoses

Event Location

Denver, Co, 80211

Event Fees

$ 40.00