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Dreaming 101

Thursday, Apr 25, 2019

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Almost everyone dreams every single night. This means that there is an endless stream of vivid visual gifts for us to dive into and explore. This class is for those who are curious to begin to dive into the realm of their unconscious mind and begin the exciting journey of dream work. Learn about different types of dreams, basic symbols and archetypes, and useful rituals and practices to engage with the depths of your psyche. We will cover ways to remember and record dreams, as well as intention and induction. A dream will never tell you something you already know. When working with this state of consciousness we are able to access deep wisdom and illuminate aspects of ourselves and our life path. Come learn how to approach your dreams from a practical perspective and start a dream work practice that will change your life. 

Naomi is an avid dreamer, oil painter and mystical Jewish witch. She has been channeling prophetic dreams and making artwork as long as she can remember. Using meditation, guided imagery, active imagination and the expressive arts Naomi can help guide you in working with the unique visual metaphors of your dreams and nightmares. Bringing dreams to life through artwork creates space for the depths of the soul to be expressed and honored. Her authentic, accessible and down to earth approach can gently bring deep aspects of psyche to the surface. In letting the images speak we can access our own ancient and intuitive wisdom. Dreams are multi-dimensional; they encompass our deepest fears, collective human experience, and talented creative spirit. Whether you have many dreams to work with or a single powerful one, learning to tap into this well of psychic information can accelerate growth and transformation. You are most welcome to attend her dreamwork groups at Ritualcravt or contact her for individual dream divination and readings.

Event Location

Denver, Co, 80211

Event Fees

$ 25.00