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Astrology & Plant Medicine Series

Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019

6:30pm – 9:00pm

4-class series! June 4, 11, 18, 25 from 6:30-9pm!

Join Herbalist Sadie Garner and Astrologer Leah Samuels to learn about Astrology & Plant Medicine. This entry-level course will help you discover correlations between Planets and Plants, teach you how to understand the synchronicity between your personal birth chart and connected herbal allies, and give you foundational knowledge in the fields of Astrology and Herbal Medicine. Through a combination of lecture, class discussion, take home assignments, and interactive exercises, you will gain extensive knowledge about applying these astrological and botanical practices in your personal craft. In the Astrology & Plant Medicine Course Series, you will learn:

– How to Apply Herbal Support Specific to Your Birth Chart

– The Energetics of the Inner Planets, Correlating Zodiac Signs, and their Supporting Herbs

– The Energetics of the Outer Planets, Correlating Zodiac Signs, and their Supporting Herbs

– The Influence of Elements, Astrological Houses, and using Herbs to Balance Conflicting Energetics

–  The Significance of Moon Cycles and their Influence on Medicine and Ritual Tool Making

– Energetic Manifestations of Major Astrological Events

– Healing and Magical Properties of multiple Herbs, Crystals, and Flower Essences

– How to make a Tea Blend, Ritual Oil, Aromatherapy Spray, and Flower Essence for Energetic Support

– Plus SO much more!

All ritual and medicine making materials will be provided for you. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the Astrology & Plant Medicine course. No prior knowledge needed!

Sadie Garner graduated from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism as a Certified Herbalist in 2016, and has 360 hours of training in herbal pharmacy, phytochemistry, human anatomy & physiology, pathology, field botany & plant identification, holistic nutrition, aromatherapy, and flower essences. Immediately after graduating, Sadie began Earth Witch Herbals, an all-natural, vegan health & wellness company dedicated to providing plant-based medicine to all beings on the planet. As an Herbalist and Hedge Witch, Sadie is committed to helping others understand the chemical constitution of medicinal plants and how their abilities work to transmute physical, mental, and spiritual healing. You can follow her adventures in hedge witchcraft on her IG: @greenwitchmedicine

Leah Samuels, creator of Moonlight Offerings is enthralled with the ancient language of astrology. Astrology gives voice and validation to our experiences and struggles. It paints a holistic picture, and serves as a soulful expression of our lives. Leah approaches your astrology chart with a lunar lens, working as an intuitive guide through the many phases and transitions life brings.

As an astrologer, artist, and educator, Leah believes in individual & collective transformation through these creative mediums. The Moon is her muse. Leah has a Virgo Sun/Sagittarius Moon/Pisces Rising. She is passionate about painting, social justice, & magick. Leah trained under the brilliant author & late astrologer Kelly Lee Phipps and completed the Tao of Astrology course. She studied Fine Art, Education, and Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University and Art Education at MSU Denver. Leah was a teacher before she was an astrologer, and it is her dream to combine these two skill sets to offer astrology classes & workshops to you.
Come sit with her at Ritualcravt, and learn much more at www.moonlightofferings.com and connect with Leah via Instagram @moonlight_offerings

Event Location

Wheat Ridge, CO, 80033

Event Fees

$ 150.00