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Astrology 101

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Learn about Astrology with Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings. Your birth chart is a map depicting the location of the planets at the very moment of your birth. In this class, we will decode key astrology symbols and explore how they relate to your life. Delve into the ancient language of astrology and begin to practice birth chart interpretations.


Leah Samuels, creator of Moonlight Offerings is enthralled with the ancient language of astrology. Astrology gives voice and validation to our experiences and struggles. It paints a holistic picture, and serves as a soulful expression of our lives. Leah approaches your astrology chart with a lunar lens, working as an intuitive guide through the many phases and transitions life brings.

As an astrologer, artist, and educator, Leah believes in individual & collective transformation through these creative mediums. The Moon is her muse. Leah has a Virgo Sun/Sagittarius Moon/Pisces Rising. She is passionate about painting, social justice, & magick. Leah trained under the brilliant author & late astrologer Kelly Lee Phipps and completed the Tao of Astrology course. She studied Fine Art, Education, and Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University and Art Education at MSU Denver. Leah was a teacher before she was an astrologer, and it is her dream to combine these two skill sets to offer astrology classes & workshops to you.
Come sit with her at Ritualcravt, and learn much more at www.moonlightofferings.com and connect with Leah via Instagram @moonlight_offerings

Event Location

Denver, CO, 80211

Event Fees

$ 30.00