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Pagan Men’s Group: Reviving the Heart of the Lover

Sunday, Apr 7, 2019

2:00pm – 3:30pm

Has the love in your life died? Feeling the lack of passion,  and unable to manifest the joys in your world ?

They are not gone, they are not forgotten. You just forgot how to tap into your innermost reservoir of pleasure and sensuality necessary to live a life full of purpose and meaning.

You may not have noticed it, but your lovers have. Now is the time to stop being a disappointment to yourself and those you love the most.

Tap into the heart of the lover within, rekindle your lust and love of life and all of the things that you can bring into the world.

As men, we are not relegated to the stoic, emotionless toil of “getting the job done” – this will kill you faster than you ever expected.

As you rekindle spark for passion and fuel the flames of pleasure to not only bring joy into the lives of those you love the most, but you bring life, vitality, energy and healing to all that you are.

So cast of the shackles of a loveless life devoid of passion and pleasures, and join us for ritual and discussion that will lead to you reviving the heart of the lover – so you can star to live a vibrant and potent life, once again, full of meaning, purpose and virility!

Together, we we will examine ways we can use the Lover, as an expression of the Sacred Masculine to enhance, and augment every relationship that we keep. More importantly, the Lover reminds us to care for the one person we may have forgotten to love the most, Self.

Instructor: Kaedrich Olsen author of Runes for Transformation and founder of GaldraKraft, has been an ardent student of Old Norse literature, runes and mysticism for 30 years. Building upon the wisdom from the Viking rune masters, he has developed practical techniques for transforming one’s life. The people he helps learn to connect with and become the embodiment of their own higher being. In doing so, they surmount the blocks which have prevented them from achieving their ideal lives and become the creators of their own greatest reality.

Event Location

Denver, CO, 80211

Event Fees

$ 25.00