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Botanica Erotica and Sex Magic

Friday, May 24, 2019

6:30pm – 9:00pm

Herbs invite us to live a more sensual, vibrant, lustrous life.  Discover specific herbs and essential oils to increase libido, for aphrodisiacs, and overall life vitality and juiciness.  We will delve into the mystery and power of orgasm and discuss ritual sex as a manifestation and magical tool.  We will blend a sacred center steam to nourish and create an all-natural love lubricant.  As a woman-identified woman, I will be sharing my experience and knowledge regarding female orgasm (as a part of, although not focus) of the class.  This class is open and receiving and welcoming to all.  Sex is a wonderful part of the human experience, please join me in celebrating this.

Instructor: Tonja Reichley Herbalist (Bsc, MBA)  spends her time in the urban alleyways of Denver and on the windswept coast of western Ireland foraging for wild herbs to nourish, heal and revitalize the whole self: body, mind and spirit. She loves the power and connection of ritual and ancient Irish traditions. She practices alchemy through the synchronicity of the natural world and her own connection to the healing arts, inspired by Brighid of Kildare, Irish goddess and saint. Tonja teaches classes on herbs and Irish spirituality in Denver and in Ireland. Her classes inspire the senses and focus on the use of herbs and aromatherapy for living a more connected and radiant life. She leads sacred journeys to Ireland three times a year including a two week Herb School, inspiring students with the holy landscape, deepening through ritual, prayer, intention, and opening to the mysteries of ancient sites and herbal thresholds. She recently published Wild Irish Roots: A Seasonal Guidebook to Herbs, Ritual and Connection and her deck of Way of Brighid Oracle Cards has been selling worldwide for many years. website: dancingwiththewild.com/ FB: Dancing with the Wild/ FB: Tonja Reichley/ Instagram: @TonjaReichley

Event Location

Denver, Co, 80211

Event Fees

$ 45.00