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Sacred Art: Hekate Torches

Sunday, May 5, 2019

2:00pm – 4:00pm

There is no need to fear the dark once you realize you hold your own light. In this month’s spirit crafting class, we will honor the Goddess Hekate, the Torchbearer, calling forth our ability to navigate the hidden places within ourselves and bringing the fire of ancient wisdom to our lives. In gentle ritual, we enter Hekate’s sacred cave spaces and seek self illumination, then circle together to create mullein torches, embedding them with the light of both her truths and our own.

Each participant will create two torches using locally harvested mullein, hand grown herbs sacred to Hekate, and consciously sources beeswax. Offered by Ritualcravt teachers Michelle VanderHouwen of Oak and Hawthorn and Rory Lula McMahan of The Sacred Table.

All “Ritual Art” classes will be team taught. Each class will begin in ceremony by opening circle, honoring our chosen goddess and receiving wisdom. We will then create within ceremonial space and finally close circle.

Michelle VanderHouwen is the owner of Oak and Hawthorn and provides the plant babies for Ritualcravt’s annual plant sale. Throughout all her years, she has studied art as a window into Spirit and the psyche, and Nature has been her church. Michelle believes that our hands are magnificent communicators. When we let them dig, sculpt, draw, scrape, tie and sew, we are sending messages to and from Heart Center. Our hands, full of sensation but devoid of reasoning, can create pure, honest prayer. In Michelle’s classes she teaches, with a variety of tools, different ways of accessing Spirit using our hands and hearts. Her goal is to help us all access the knowing we had at birth. Michelle is deeply knowledgeable about the spiritual wisdom of nature, studied Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue, and walks with the soul of a Witch. Discover her creations at www.etsy.com/shop/OakandHawthorn and connect with Michelle via Instagram @oakandhawthorn

Rory Lula McMahan has always been captivated by the beauty of the soul. An Intuitive Diviner, she has been a practicing Witch and Pagan Priestess for more than 20 years and has an intimate knowledge of creating sacred experiences in coven, solitary, community, and temple environments. Rory’s extensive and varied spiritual trainings allow her to connect her clients with their highest purpose and most intentional path through divination, ancestral work, ritual, symbol, and simple physical tools. Owner of The Sacred Table, author of Instagram’s Daily Draw @rorylula, and selected as Westword Best of Denver 2017, she teaches classes and workshops across Denver, priestesses the Ritualcravt Year-Long Coven training, and mentors private clients across the country in the art of leading spiritually authentic lives. You can find her divining and teaching at Ritualcravt, connect with her on Facebook at The Sacred Table, on Instagram @rorylula, or learn more by visiting www.thesacredtable.com. She offers honor to her teachers and ancestors, and she is humbled to serve you on your unfolding path.


Event Location

Wheat Ridge, CO, 80033

Event Fees

$ 45.00