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Sacred Art: Mary Magdalene and Egg Magic

Sunday, Apr 14, 2019

2:00pm – 4:00pm

She is a priestess and a sacred enigma, a keeper of the mysteries.  Discover Mary Magdalene outside the realms of the patriarchy, and the power and magic she holds as a Sacred Warrioress, as a student and a teacher, as a woman, confidant and lover.   She had the courage to believe the impossible and performed the impossible.  Join Ritualcravt School teachers Michelle Vanderhouwen and Tonja Reichley for ritual and creating sacred art in ceremony.  

We will creating beautiful red and gold eggs which we will fill with treasures sacred to Mary Magdalene.

All “Ritual Art” classes will be team taught. Each class will begin in ceremony by opening circle, honoring our chosen goddess and receiving wisdom. We will then create within ceremonial space and finally close circle.

Michelle VanderHouwen is the owner of Oak and Hawthorn and provides the plant babies for Ritualcravt’s annual plant sale. Throughout all her years, she has studied art as a window into Spirit and the psyche, and Nature has been her church. Michelle believes that our hands are magnificent communicators. When we let them dig, sculpt, draw, scrape, tie and sew, we are sending messages to and from Heart Center. Our hands, full of sensation but devoid of reasoning, can create pure, honest prayer. In Michelle’s classes she teaches, with a variety of tools, different ways of accessing Spirit using our hands and hearts. Her goal is to help us all access the knowing we had at birth. Michelle is deeply knowledgeable about the spiritual wisdom of nature, studied Shamanic Herbalism with Darcey Blue, and walks with the soul of a Witch. Discover her creations at www.etsy.com/shop/OakandHawthorn and connect with Michelle via Instagram @oakandhawthorn

Tonja Reichley, Herbalist (Bsc, MBA), Ritualist and Author, has been teaching herbal classes rooted in Irish traditions, healing and spirituality for 15 years. She has lived part time on the west coast of Ireland for 12 years, continually learning from the land, the plants and the Ancestors as well as her teacher Gina McGarry, whom she studied with in a three-month immersion in 2001, in residence in Ireland. She graduated from the Rocky Mountain School of Botanical Medicine in 2000, began her first herbal business, MoonDance Botanicals, in 2002. She opened a store-front in Denver Colorado in 2004, had a thriving herbal business and sold it to long-time customers in 2016 where it is still a cornerstone of the herbal scene in Denver and beyond.

Tonja Reichley spends her time in the urban alleyways of Denver and on the windswept coast of western Ireland foraging for wild herbs to nourish, heal and revitalize the whole self: body, mind and spirit. She loves the power and connection of ritual and ancient Celtic monastic traditions. She practices alchemy through the synchronicities of the natural world and her own connection to the healing arts, inspired by Brighid of Kildare, Irish goddess and saint.

Tonja has lead sacred journeys to Ireland for 12 years and continues to do so, including a two week Herb School and a Mystery School inititation. These journeys inspire pilgrims with the holy landscape: deepening through ritual, prayer, intention, opening to the mysteries of ancient sites and herbal thresholds.

In 2017 she published Wild Irish Roots: A Seasonal Guidebook to Herbs, Ritual and Connection and her Way of Brighid Oracle Cards have been selling worldwide for many years.

Instagram: @tonjareichley

Facebook: Dancing with the Wild

Email: tonjareichley@gmail.com

Event Location

Denver, CO, 80211

Event Fees

$ 35.00