Z Mayan Birth Chart Readings with Rachel Sorrel

Friday, April 21, 2017

Reveal your Mayan Birth Chart with Rachel Sorrell. Learn about your main Nahual (Energy) first and then unearth your surrounding external energies based off the day, time and location you were born. You will discover 5 prominent energies according to your birth chart:  > Main Nahual: Your main characteristics energetic vibrations you put out into the world. >Conception Nahual: Energies derived from your parents. >Feeling Nahual: The emotional, energetic feelings that carry through. >Action Nahual:The energetic movement of the process. >Destiny Nahual: The energy you portray when your feelings and actions are balanced; your soul’s purpose. BONUS: Learn about the energy of the day. One hour reading, sliding scale $75-$100. You must leave your birthdate, time, and location of birth when you call to book your appointment.

3 Card Draw Mayan Reading: Draw 3 Cards from Rachel Sorrell’s Mayan Deck to reveal 3 Elements in your present life:  >The first card indicates what you should to let go of in life. >The second card indicates what you should to continue doing in life. >The third card indicates what you should start doing in life. BONUS: Learn about the energy of the day. 30 min reading, sliding scale $35-$50. *Walk-ups welcome as time allows.

To reserve your space you must call the shop, select a time slot, and prepay for this event. Call 303-458-1459, space is first come, first served. We are excited to host this special guest and share space with you!