Witchy Women In Business Panel. November 16, 2019. 7-9pm.

Free community event! Join us for our Witchy Women in Business: A Discussion Panel!

Join us in a group discussion with women who own their own businesses while maintaining ethics, intention, and magic amidst the storm of working in a world that places importance on branding, image, and power.

If you are interested in starting your own magical or intentional business, or have one and would like some advice or would like to be included in a space to ask questions, this is a great time to meet a group of wonderful women who have done the work and are willing to answer! This event is open to all, but our intention is to amplify the unique voices of women speaking on this topic. Ritualcravt owner Missy Rhysing will be fielding discussion topics suggested by our online clientele, and there will be space for live audience questions and group discussion as well. This event will be livestreamed via @ritualcravt on Instagram as well for locals that cannot make it, and our non-local friends too! This event will begin at 7pm sharp, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get your seat or standing space.

Panel members include:

-Bri Bird, creative director Emerge Modern Salon and owner of Oracle Beauty Education, Englewood CO

-Leah Samuels, Astrologer and creator of Moonlight Offerings, Denver CO

-Lisa Martinez, Doctor of Natural Medicine and Curanderismo Practitioner, Denver CO

-Marcella Kroll, artist, teacher and tarot intuitive, Los Angeles CA

-Melis Fusco, tattoo artist and owner of Black Sage Studio, Evergreen CO

-Myranda Bennett, spiritual guide, holy guardian, owner of Boundless Warrior, Elizabeth CO

-Raven Rose, reproductive health herbalist, Denver CO