Wild Irish Roots. By Tonja Reichley.


“Now is the time to reclaim your own wild roots and discover the rich and vibrant traditions of our Irish and Celtic, Native European heritage. Join me on this journey through the Wheel of the Year, celebrating the rhythms as our ancestors did.

We begin with Samhain, the Irish/ Celtic New Year and the season of winter and spiral through Imbolc/ Spring, Beltaine/ Summer and Lughnasa/ Autumn. Begin where you are. Each season you will be offered a seasonal tea blend, moon rituals, tarot, herbal potions and a sacred warrioress to connect with. Reflection questions and traditional Irish words of poetry and wisdom will deepen your experience. You are called to participate in these rhythms and rituals. It is in this participation that you will receive connection, illumination, remembering..

Now is the time. Reclaim your wild roots.”

Tonja Reichley is one of our beloved teachers at Ritualcravt. Join a class with Tonja Reichley at school.ritualcravt.com or visit her website at www.dancingwiththewild.com.


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