The Personal Oracle. By The Dark Exact.


“This miniature oracle has been designed not just as a divination tool but as a way for users to examine the self more deeply through their connections to each of the thirty-nine images on the cards. The imagery in this deck includes symbols common in “fortune telling” decks from the early the 20th Century, as well as new symbols of importance to the artist, Coleman Stevenson, all illustrated in classic oracle style. Instead of the accompanying book providing meanings for the cards, it offers an opportunity for users to explore personal associations and feelings about each symbol before any cards are drawn. The meanings each user assigns to the cards, whether universal, highly personal, or a combination of both, will reveal the inner workings of the mind. Due to this, every copy will be slightly different based on the user’s assignment of meanings. This is also a great tool for writers and thinkers, as the cards can be used for narrative prompts or to overcome creative blocks.”

The deck comes with:
39 cards approximately 2 1/4″x 3 1/2″
Guide and workbook 5″x7″
Mini quick-reference booklet
Cards come in metal tin.

Beautiful deck made by The Dark Exact. This deck is unique as the maker allows the reader to create meaning for each card. The book accompanying the deck allows space for the reader to expand on each card. The Dark Exact is highly loved in the Ritualcravt storefront for their oils and various other decks as well!



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