The Flower Essences Deck, Vol. 1.


“Including: agrimony, aloe vera, aspen, basil, beech, centaury, cerato, chamomile, cherry plumb, chestnut bud, chicory, clematis, crab apple, dandelion, dill, dogwood, elm, gentian, gorse, heather, hibiscus, holly, honeysuckle, hornbeam, impatiens, larch, lavender, mimulus, morning glory, mullein, mustard, oak, olive, peppermint, pine, red chestnut, red clover, rock rose, rock water, rosemary, sage, scleranthus, star of bethlehem, sunflower, sweet chestnut, vervain, vine, walnut, water violet, white chestnut, wild oat, wild rose, willow, yarrow.

For reference, research or as an oracle deck for self-reflection and getting to know the flower essences. Created & illustrated by Kinsey Zaire.”

On the cards are patterns of balance and patterns of imbalance for each flower, use the cards daily to incorporate uses of flower essences.

Measures approximately

3 1/2″ X 2 1/4″




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