The Death Witch Ritual Oils. Hecate.


The Death Witch Ritual Oils made by our very own House Witch, Loretta Ledesma. Each oil has been made in ceremony and has been developed over time. Loretta uses herbs, dirt from sacred places, minerals, stones, curios and other sacred objects to empower each oil.

These oils can be used for dressing candles, anointing tools for ceremony, adorning sacred objects or one’s sacred self through pulse points.

We’re happy to finally offer The Death Witch Ritual Oils online and in the storefront.

These bottles are one full ounce of oil.

See more of Loretta @thedeathwitch on instagram.

This oil is an oil dedicated to the goddess Hecate (Hekate). Use this oil to honor Her in any way you see fit. This oil contains Her sacred herbs and is charged with Her sacred items. It also contains dirt from the crossroads.

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