The Death Witch Hot Foot Powder.


Warning: Use with caution! We recommend no direct contact to skin. Please do not ingest or use topically. This powder is not vegan.

The Death Witch Dusting Powders made by our very own House Witch, Loretta Ledesma. Each powder has been made in ceremony and has been developed over time. Loretta uses herbs, dirt from sacred places, minerals, stones, curios and other sacred objects to empower each powder.

These powders can be used for dressing candles, dusting tools for ceremony or dusting one’s sacred self or space. This one is not recommended for skin contact.

We’re happy to finally offer The Death Witch Powders online and in the storefront.

You will receive one full ounce of powder.

See more of Loretta @thedeathwitch on instagram.

This powder was made with the intention to send away unwanted people.

Suggested Directions: Sprinkle where target/enemy walks, lives or drives.