Nocturna Oracle Deck.


“A 48-card oracle deck.

An oracle deck is like a tarot deck, except without a specific structure or archetypes (major arcana, suits, queens etc.). For this deck, the artist chose mostly plants and animals that are active at night. The deck starts with the “dusk” card as the beginning of night, and ends with the “dawn” card, signifying the first light of day. An accompanying guidebook offers suggestions on how to interpret the cards, however this is optional, and you can derive your own meanings yourself.

This can be read on its own, or accompanying a tarot deck. This is the first edition.

About the deck:
Full bleed (borderless), full color deck
Tarot sized cards: 2.75 x 4.75″ (70x120mm)
350 gsm linen cardstock with matte finish and gilded gold edges
Housed in a sturdy two-part rigid box with gold foil and interior/exterior printing
Comes with a 52-page guidebook with suggested keywords and brief explanations for all of the cards”

Created by The Creeping Moon, the same maker as the Anima Mundi Tarot. Beautiful quality.


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