MOOD by MOSS Aura Photography Pop-Up! August 23, 24 & 25, 2019. 11am-6:30pm.

What is an aura? What is energy? How we feel around someone is us sensing their energy. We make decisions all the time sensing the subtle, etheric bodies of the world around us. There is no solid matter, it’s all a sea of dancing energetic vibrations. Energy is simply a range of frequencies vibrating through a range of colors! With the use of biofeedback technology, MOOD by MOSS can read the electromagnetic fields emanating from you, and translate those into your energetic colors for a visual representation of your aura. You are more than your physical body.

Becoming more aware of the energies in and around us allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves and each other. A Mood by Moss portrait is a window into your current energetic state and reminder of the beautiful mystery that you are.

MOOD by MOSS utilizes biofeedback technology of the AuraCam 6000 to reveal your ephemeral energy. Each aura portrait session is followed by an interpretation of your current auric state.

Tickets are available for purchase through the link below:

Please show up 5 minutes early for your session and check in with the host.