Mile High Conjure Gala, Oct. 28, 2017, 9am-11pm.

The first annual Mile High Conjure Gala, 2017, sponsored by Ritualcravt and founded by our incredible teacher Loretta Ledesma! Join the Master of Ceremonies and host Candelo Kimbisa at the historical Lumber Baron Inn, right in the heart Denver, Colorado. The Conjure Gala will be filled with seminars given by esteemed practitioners of, but not limited to: Root Work, Conjure and other paths. Presenters include Candelo Kimbisa, Co. Meadows, Professor Charles Porterfield, Michelle Jackson, Ambrozine LeGare, and Professor Ames. Optional gourmet paper bag lunches will be at the venue upon request. Many cultures around the world and throughout time have chosen the same time of year to honor their ancestors. Some call this time of year Samhain. Some call it the Day of the Dead. Some All Souls’ Day. Some simply call it Halloween. Their are many ways to honor, remember and venerate our loved ones passed. One of the most elegant and beautiful ways is the Dinner of the Dead, or “Dumb Supper”. This is a ceremonial dinner held in silence, with no salt, served backward and shared with the ancestors. The dinner will be prepared by the gourmet chef at the Lumber Baron Inn, served by the inn staff, with live harp played by @coloradoweddingharpist. We personally invite you to bring a photo or simply write the names of loved ones you wish to honor and place on the Ancestor Altar. Reception will follow afterward and entertainment by Blondetourage Denver DJ’s.

After six hours of hands on learning and Dinner of the Dead, stick around for hors d’oeuvres, dancing and witchy themed cocktails designed by mixmaster, rootworking, bone reading conjure man Ryan (@sayanchors (IG) @rjjamesconjure (FB)). Blondetourage will be spinning the night away in the grand ballroom of the Lumber Baron Inn. Or escape to one of the elegant Victorian parlors to mingle and chat with our esteemed presenters. AND with VIP or General ticket we will be giving away three amazing baskets filled with products from our vendors and presenters. You never know what could be waiting at the very end of the night for those left haunting the inn once the party is over…

Workshops include:

Candelo Kimbisa presents Crossing with Spirits. Learn how to build a relationship with spirit in order to partner in achieving goals and protection.

Co. Meadows presents Doll Baby Conjure. Learn the tradition, history and working with doll babies as it has been passed down through generations in CO’s family.

Ambrozine LaGare presents Spiritual Bathing. Learn the sacred practice of bathing with herbs roots and curios in order to draw in or protect.

Michele Jackson presents Intro to Bone Reading. Michele is the Bone Reading teacher who teaches the teachers. Sit with Michele as she gives an exclusive introduction to this mysterious form of divination.

Professor Ames presents Mojo Bags. Join the Professor as he breaks down this historic magical aid known to bring luck and favor to the owner.

Professor Charles Poeterfield presents Playing Card Conjure. Sit with legendary Charles Porterfield while he opens up this hidden and historic practice of playing cards as aids in rootwork and conjure.

Doors open at 9am, opening ceremony Mesa Blanca is at 10am, classes begin at 11am. View more info including the full schedule, and purchase ticket options at We are so excited to be vending at and sponsoring this incredible event!