Mile High Conjure Gala. November 9 & 10, 2019.

The third annual Mile High Conjure Gala, 2019, founded by our incredible teacher and House Witch Loretta Ledesma! Join us November 9th & 10th at Ritualcravt in Wheatridge, Colorado – where seminars will be given by esteemed practitioners of, but not limited to, Root Work, Conjure and many other paths! After six hours of hands on learning who’s going to be ready for some fun? Once conjure school is over stick around for hors d’oeuvres. Blondetourage will be spinning the night away!

Presenters include Candelo Kimbisa, Beverly Smith, Professor Charles Porterfield, Michele Jackson, Ifa Abeyo, Yayi Joyce and Hoodoo Sen Moise.

The Gala is split up into two days, full of classes from the most renowned Conjure and Root Workers.

Please visit the Mile High Conjure Gala website for tickets, full schedules and class listings!