Cacao Ceremony with Rachel Sorrel, Feb 17th, 2018, 7pm.


Join Rachel Sorrell in a Cacao Ceremony. Create and set intentions, learn about the sacred plant, drink a full ceremonial dosage of cacao and allow yourself to be guided into deep meditation. Cacao works directly with the heart chakra! In this Cacao Ceremony you will be able to open your heart, reach higher states of consciousness filled with self-love and simply be. Rachel creates custom meditations based off the energy of the day in the Mayan Calendar, incorporates healing music and sound therapy.
More about Cacao:
Cacao, aka: raw chocolate! Cacao has been used traditionally by the Mayans as a sacred plant medicine with potent healing properties, opening the heart and entering spiritual realms.
Cacao is gentle: Carrying a love-filled energy that allows people to grow and experience profound states.
$35 per person, space limited to 15 people.
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Rachel Sorrell is a Maya influenced energy worker. Her experience living with illness throughout
her life brought her to study plant medicine in the Guatemalan jungle which then led her home
to follow her path. She works closely with ceremonial grade cacao, a natural resource to reach
higher states of consciousness in meditation. Her work primarily focuses on soul healing and
works directly with the energies in the Mayan Tzolk’in Calendar. Rachel holds space for people
to step out of their day-to-day lives, explore their truest selves and simply be.
Her practice is based out of Evergreen, Colorado located at Namasté Healing & Meditation

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