Anima Mundi Tarot.


“A full 78 card deck, featuring the natural world.

This nature-based tarot deck is based off of the Rider-Waite deck, with the artist’s own interpretations inspired by the incredible biodiversity of this planet. “Anima Mundi” is a Latin term which loosely translates to “the world’s soul.” Originally coined by Plato, it is the belief that all living things on this planet are connected as a single spiritual entity.

2 3/4 x 4 3/4” cards
350gsm matte cardstock with linen finish
Gold foiled edges
Housed in a sturdy rigid two-part box with smooth matte laminate finish
Includes a 52-page guidebook for each deck, with an intro to tarot readings, individual card meanings, and suggested tarot spreads
Artwork is originally hand-painted with acrylic paints.

Created by The Creeping Moon.

Stunning in quality and imagery. A favourite in the Ritualcravt storefront. This deck is from the same maker as The Nocturna Oracle Deck.

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