LGBT New Moon Circle

Thursday, Jun 22, 2017

8:30pm – 10:00pm

Join us in sacred space to honor the mysteries of the New Moon and explore the power of lunar magic. A combination of discussion, connection, and ritual, this circle meets monthly and is intentioned upon building an ongoing community in a coven environment. Led by Stu Messier, a 20+ years Witch Priest, each gathering begins with ritual circle-casting, and the evening’s content will be shaped in an ongoing fashion by the desires of the participants with Stu’s guidance. A phenomenal opportunity to connect with your Witch brothers and sisters and expand your magical knowledge, this group is a darkly magical space to explore lunar workings in all its forms.

Ritualcravt is a safe, affirming, and fully inclusive space. We support rights for all, always.

Witch Priest:

Stu Messier always looks for the beauty hidden within the darkness. A priest of Hades, he has been a practicing Witch for over twenty years. Many of those years were spent working in coven with Ritualcravt House Priestess Rory Lula McMahan. His style of witchcraft is Greek God focused with Gypsy flair (Stu claims this description of himself and his ancestors with great pride as a Romani descendant), and his approach is that you can create magic anywhere and everywhere. Empathy is the strongest gift given to him in this life and one he uses to help others discover the diversity of our existence. Stu sees the beauty in the dark and embraces it. He believes that it is important not to fear it and instead celebrate it and own your power. Learn more at

Event Location

Denver, Colorado, 80211

Event Fees

$ 20.00