Heed these words, You who wish to probe the depths of Nature: If you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. Know Thyself, and you will know the Universe and the Gods.
~ The Delphic Oracle

Learn | Ritualcravt provides the authentic teachings that enable you to explore, refine, and manifest your practice.  Carefully curated and conscientiously designed, we strive to bring you a selective curriculum, small classes steeped in oral tradition, and teachers grounded in a real, working knowledge of Witchcraft and the Pagan paths.

Here, we understand that Transformation is the deepest magic, and that Wisdom is not an end – it is the beginning of everything.

Learn with us.

Please direct all inquiries, and any questions, to Learn@Ritualcravt.com.


Witch 101

The Path has been calling you, and you can feel the connection in your bones.  Now it is time to learn what that pull on your heart means – and what to do with it.  In this rich and informative class, we will explore what it is to be a witch in the modern world, and how to be a witch as you walk through it.  From altars to rituals, from philosophy to daily practice, you will leave with everything you need to step onto your path with beauty and authenticity.

Astrology 101


Learn the language of astrology in this introductory class with Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings. The birth chart is a map depicting the location of the planets at the very moment of your birth. Identify the symbols in your chart to gain awareness and further self-knowledge. Delve into the ancient wisdom of astrology and begin to practice birth chart interpretations.

Moon Magic Astrology


Join Leah Samuels of Moonlight Offerings to explore the significance of the Moon in astrology. Learn to track the Moon each month as it influences your personal birth chart. Deepen your relationship with the natural lunar cycles and initiate a powerful practice through magic & ritual.

Beginning Intuitive Tarot
Advanced Intuitive Tarot


Designed for those who have completed Rory’s Beginning Intuitive Tarot or who have good understanding of tarot through other experience, this 4-week series class expands upon the basics and dives more deeply into the art and magic of divination.  Using our cards, we will explore spreads, astrology, spellwork, and more.

Please bring a traditional Tarot deck of your choice (no oracle or Lenormand decks).  Decks are also available at RitualCravt for purchase during regular shop hours.

The Ritual Craft

Ritual is one of the most powerful mediums in the Witch’s tool kit.  It creates change, meaning, and purpose in your life by connecting you to the divine and deeply embedding intention into your spirit.  As you walk your path – or try to discover it – the act of ritual can clear the way, build the road, or both.  In this workshop, you will learn all that is needed, step by step, to create a simple ritual, and you will leave with the knowledge which allows you to confidently use ritual in your own life.

The Witch's Altar


Altars bring focus, intention, and portals for deep change into your life and spirit.  In this class, learn what altars are, what they do, and how to create them for yourself.  From understanding sacred tools to exploring the purpose of sacred space, you will leave with the knowledge – both traditional and intuitively personal – that will enable you to construct exactly what you need to more fully connect you with your path and purpose.

Signs and Symbols for the Everyday Witch


Divination is not limited to cards, runes, and pendulums.  When we understand the world as sacred and connect to it with intention, there is information available along our paths at every turn.  In this class, you will learn how to unlock your vision and see through your witching eyes every day by discovering the signs and symbols that reveal themselves all around you.

Elements Yoga


A gentle, restorative and yin yoga practice designed to give an embodied experience of the energy of each particular element.  One element will be explored in each session, moving through the traditional witch-casting circle – earth, air, fire, water and spirit.

Goddess Yoga


Dive deep into divine territory with this mystical practice – gentle, restorative and yin yoga poses designed to provide an embodied experience of the Goddess.  Each session will be devoted to a single Goddess vibration.

All levels welcome.  No experience needed.


Rory Lula McMahan

Ritualcravt School Curator and House Reader Rory Lula McMahan has always been captivated by the beauty of the soul.  An Intuitive Diviner, she has been a practicing Witch and Pagan priestess for more than 20 years, as well as being an initiated Ifa priest and trained shamanic practitioner, and has an intimate knowledge of creating sacred experiences in coven, solitary, community, and temple environments.  

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Leah Samuels

Leah Samuels is the creator of Moonlight Offerings. She is enthralled with the ancient language of astrology and is grateful to have discovered this unique gift. She approaches your astrology chart with a compassionate and lunar lens. In astrology, the Moon represents intuition and brings the unconscious into conscious awareness.

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Lynn Flanagan-Till

Lynn Flanagan-Till, herbalist, mama to 3 boys and 4 dogs, co-owns/formulates for R.L. Linden & Co and Restorative Rites, and has her own small healing practice under the name Rose House Botanica. Lynn’s been passionate about flowers and animals from a young age and has studied plant medicine for 20+ years.

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Sterling Moon

Sterling believes that we all get a little outside help sometimes. The tarot is simply how to tap into hidden knowledge that is available to us all. She has been reading cards for herself and other people for over 20 years. A friend’s sister gave her a deck of cards when she was just a teenager, and she was absolutely fascinated by them. Her mom got her a book that taught her the basic meanings and  a few card layouts, and she was officially hooked.

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Tracey Erin Lanham

Tracey Erin Lanham believes that all of us have the capacity to experience bliss in our everyday lives. She is deeply passionate about guiding people to experience the pulse of the universe, and to understand that pulse as a fundamental principle.  Her offerings give confirmation that we are not separate from the universal heartbeat; rather, we are part of it.  In addition, Tracey is enthralled by exploring the spaces between –  the transitions and the connections. 

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Margaret Bell 

Margaret loves to play in innovation and enlightened transformation. She is here to help align and connect to one’s deepest self, to guide in discovering aspects of self to enliven dynamic flow of intuition, magic, power and healing.  She is a soul tender.  An empath and intuitive, she loves working with dreams, shadow, archetypes, ancestors (healing, wisdom, coding and generational issues) akashic records, energy, shamanism and raw emotions.

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Allison Gomer 

Allison Gomer creates and holds self-reflective sacred space for souls to discover their own transformative selves, connecting them back to the source of who they are and the gifts they behold. As a psychotherapist and spiritual guide, she specializes in mirror and shadow work, helping individuals find self-reflective consciousness.This allows for insight into the mirror, how one might project their presence and receive presence. She is deeply connected to the earthly Faery realm, and uses insight and guidance to receive and return information.

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