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Laura Brown

Laura Brown


15 MIN | $30

30 MIN | $60

60 MIN | $90


60 MIN | $165

60 MIN (Monthly Package Only) | $150

Laura Brown has worked as an Intuitive Counselor and Tarot reader for the past 17 years, lending her insight to one-on-one clients, in workshops and privately held gatherings. Laura’s unique reading style weaves together psychic insights with Tarot to provide you with a reading that is rich with detail and colored with depth. Her readings are both reflective, helping you to understand why things are unfolding as they are and your role in this process, as well as predictive, illuminating the paths before you and the probable outcomes with each. Those who Laura works with leave each session empowered with the knowledge of what steps to take and changes to make. Her reading style is very down to Earth, ensuring the insight and action steps are accessible and relatable. In addition to Tarot readings Laura also offers Intuitive Medicine sessions.

Intuitive Medicine is an hour long offering combining intuitive dialogue, Tarot and Shamanic energy ceremony. You can learn more about Laura through her website and follow along with her on

@intuitivealchemy.co  |  https://intuitivealchemy.co/

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