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Emily Joy Walker

Emily Joy Walker

wood fire ink

20MINS | $20
30MINS | $30
45MINS | $45

Emily Joy utilizes full rune castings or simple draws to help find guidance and understanding for your situation and needs. She believes that by seeing the relationships between the runes we can better understand our own state of being. When you sit with her for a full rune casting, you’ll hold all the runes in your hand and cast (or throw) all 24 runes out onto the cloth. Together, we will look at the positions of the runes and their spatial relationships to each other in order to interpret the message that is before us. Her rune castings can reveal hidden threads that are binding or pulling you in different directions. We can begin to clear away these ties in order for you to find your own answers and path.

Emily Joy Walker is a rune worker and the artist behind Wood Fire Ink. She first discovered the runes about eight years ago, and has become more and more immersed in their history and lore ever since. She also creates runes and bindrunes by galdring, or singing in ceremony. Her personalized bindrunes can assist with changing your ways, fostering a deeper connection with spiritual self, soothing anxiety, and much more.

Emily is available every other Sunday.
To schedule time with Emily please contact the shop directly.