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Bianca Alarcon

Bianca Alarcon


 2 HOUR | $165


60 MIN | $125


60 MIN | $65


Bianca will only be doing Facetime/Phone readings until further notice. Please leave your phone number at checkout!

Bianca Alarcon is an Intuitive energy healer and Reiki Practitioner. She has a background in Western, Eastern and Indigenous medicine practices. Some of her formal certificate training is through The School of Intuitive Studies with Wendy De Rosa and Traditional Usui Reiki through Lisa Powers Health and Wellness. She has been a conduit of healing for clients with a range of issues from depression to PTSD to even Cancer. When performing her work she is tuned into her Intuitive senses- while also actively engaging you through the healing process. The healings provided can vary from person to person but may include such practices as: entity clearings, chakra cleansing, soul contracts, cord cutting, spirit guide communications, soul retrievals, angel healings and past life journey. All guided energy healings close with a Reiki treatment for ultimate energetic balance and integration. Bianca believes strongly that her work awakens the inner healer in you! She merely is holding a mirror to your soul to reflect back to you your inner divine for whole body and spirit wellness.

Connect with Bianca on her website Alarconhealings.com, or on instagram @biancalue.

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